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Beach soccer

The most popular sport in the world, football has found a new playing field for almost thirty years now: sandy beaches. A leisure activity that has become increasingly popular, so ...Read more

Sand dunes

According to the Larousse dictionary, a dune is “a small hill of sand formed by the wind”. In France, the most famous one is Pilat on the Silver Coast, at ...Read more

Judo on the beach

When you think of sport on the beach, the first activities that come to mind are very often beach volleyball, racket sports, paddle-boarding, swimming, sand yachting, rugby or football. But ...Read more

Five sports at the beach

The beach is synonymous with sunshine, laziness, tanning, napping, swimming... But for some holidaymakers, the beach is also synonymous with sport. Indeed, some people enjoy exerting themselves during their vacations ...Read more

Yoga on the beach

Although summer is now almost behind us, the sunny days are still here. It is the perfect time to go to the beach what with the pleasant air and water ...Read more

Quick sand

When I was a kid, I was always intrigued by quicksand with the idea of getting caught in it and never getting out. The story of quicksand A natural phenomenon, ...Read more

Beware of the sun

When you go to the beach, the children play in the sand and swim. Some little ones are happy to wear their T-shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen, but others stay in ...Read more

High tides

With our Celtic origins, we it essential for us to blog about high tides which are so spectacular in Brittany, especially during the equinoxes, perfect times for fishing and collecting ...Read more

The AFTER Beach brush

I love the beach but it’s true that, while some find sand soft and warm, others find it annoying. This is particularly the case when you have children and you ...Read more

Beach wrestling

Beach wrestling is an ancient sport that traditionally takes place on dirt, wood chips or sand. Having become popular, this form of fighting has enabled people in countries with very ...Read more

Beach cleaning

As someone who loves the ocean and the sea, in summer I never miss the opportunity to bask on the sand before swimming and, in winter, walk by the sea ...Read more

Leave the sand on the beaches

Do you know what the composition of sand is and how it appeared on the coast? Explanations in detail. What is the composition of sand? Beach sand is moving sedimentary ...Read more

Seaside campsite

In summer 2016, we stayed in a mobile home at a campsite in Argelès-sur-Mer. Camping, a different holiday Even though the French film "Camping" uses clichés from the 80s, it ...Read more

Holidays in Italy

It was in Italy, more precisely in the region of Genoa, that we spent part of our summer vacation. We laughed a lot with our friends before leaving because we ...Read more

Stand-up paddle

SUP or stand-up paddle, unlike surfing, is a sport that involves rowing with a paddle standing up on a large, wide board. A little history The Polynesians were the first ...Read more

Lemon Mojito

Lemony flavours Treat yourself to a mixture of flavours at the water's edge with the Alcohol-Free Lemon Mojito with Lime and Mint, a thirst-quenching and refreshing summer drink. A very ...Read more

Beach wedding

A beach wedding cannot be improvised, especially if it is planned on a white sand beach. Private beach or public beach, a minimum of preparation is required. For a wedding ...Read more
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