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Beach soccer

The most popular sport in the world, football has found a new playing field for almost thirty years now: sandy beaches. A leisure activity that has become increasingly popular, so ...Read more

Sand dunes

According to the Larousse dictionary, a dune is “a small hill of sand formed by the wind”. In France, the most famous one is Pilat on the Silver Coast, at ...Read more

Judo on the beach

When you think of sport on the beach, the first activities that come to mind are very often beach volleyball, racket sports, paddle-boarding, swimming, sand yachting, rugby or football. But ...Read more

Five sports at the beach

The beach is synonymous with sunshine, laziness, tanning, napping, swimming... But for some holidaymakers, the beach is also synonymous with sport. Indeed, some people enjoy exerting themselves during their vacations ...Read more

Yoga on the beach

Although summer is now almost behind us, the sunny days are still here. It is the perfect time to go to the beach what with the pleasant air and water ...Read more

Quick sand

When I was a kid, I was always intrigued by quicksand with the idea of getting caught in it and never getting out. The story of quicksand A natural phenomenon, ...Read more
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