The AFTER Beach family

For starters, it's a story of families on vacation at the beach.

Our AFTER Beach family business is located at the gateway to Toulouse, in the Occitanie region. It all started in summer 2016 when we went with our children to stay with friends near Bordeaux. We were at the beach and before we left our friend took a very ugly brush out of the trunk of his car and started brushing his sons' feet with it to remove the sand. Very surprised, I asked him what he was doing and he replied that a military friend of his had showed him the trick because he hated his children putting sand all over his car.

As we were chatting, I said it would be nice to have a good idea for a new product and our friend said "Yes a sand brush!"

And my daughters’ father added: AFTER Beach of course.

The idea gradually grew in a corner of our minds and just before Christmas, on December 24, 2016, we launched the project as a family.

Of course, our company’s flagship product is the AFTER Beach sand brush. Its fibres are flexible, soft and washable and the ergonomic handle is in the shape of a wave. The AFTER Beach brush is designed to remove annoying fine grains of sand stuck on feet and skin.

In other words, we love the sand, but we don’t really like the grains of sand stuck all over our bodies when we leave the beach.

The AFTER Beach brush is designed to be an essential beach accessory and we do everything possible to produce high-quality brushes in line with very precise specifications.

Who are we?

In total, 8 feet and 40 toes are used to test our brushes’ fibres.

The design of the handle

Regarding the design of the handle, we obtained the shape with the help of specific 3D software. We called in an Italian designer to ensure that the AFTER Beach logo could be engraved directly in the mould and that we could obtain the desired wave shape. Thanks to the Stratomaker 3D printer and Obro, a company based in Béziers, we finalised the design prototypes for the handles before having a mould made.

Now let's move on to the brush bristles. With regard to the fibres... which is still the most important part. The fibres come from Italy and are installed in France at a French family-run brush company. Composed of nylon, free of animal hair, flexible and resistant, they fit the shape of the curved handle to perfection. They are of excellent quality and can be washed in clear, soapy water almost indefinitely.

For the brushes’ cases, we order them from a company located in Maisons-Alfort near Paris.

And now you know everything, well almost everything because we still have many new things to reveal to you in 2021.

after beach family after beach family after beach family after beach family
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